5 Most Difficult Shots in Photography

Photography is an art that requires a lot of practice. Taking beautiful photos can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have to shoot the following difficult shots:

Action Shots

You’ve likely seen photos of athletes doing their thing, from Andy Murray smashing a winner to Anthony Joshua throwing a thunderous haymaker. What you don’t see is the effort, focus, and skill that made those stunning photos possible. Simply, taking photos of people in action is not as easy as it looks.

Think of taking action shots as trying to capture a fleeting moment in time – once it has passed you by it is gone forever. You need to be constantly on the lookout for that perfect moment, and make sure that your camera is on the correct setting so once you start shooting, the photos will be just the way you want them. For action photography, shutter speed is crucial, and it recommended that photographers utilize the camera’s ‘Sports Mode’ which automatically sets a fast shutter speed. Alternatively, the exposure can be changed to TV [or S] for Shutter Priority, and the shutter speed set to 1/250th of a second or more.

Outdoor Winter Shots

As touched on before in our ‘Winter Photography Challenges’ post, taking outdoor photos during winter can be quite difficult, especially when snowflakes are falling from every direction imaginable. Fog can be an issue at times, too, as it can affect visibility to varying degrees. Plus, the chilling cold can be uncomfortable, making it hard to focus on composition and lighting. Taking a good, quality photo is hard enough, doing so amid the elements complicates things a tad more. There is then the matter of keeping your camera dry. Protecting your camera is a high priority. Lifewire suggest protecting the camera by putting it in a camera bag while moving around to prevent it from getting too cold. Silica gels can be useful, too, for such conditions.

Underwater Shots

Underwater conditions are very different to land conditions, and that fact alone makes underwater photography both challenging and exciting. You have to swim, all while holding your equipment and deciding what you will freeze in a snapshot. Your vision will be affected too, with everything appearing much bigger underwater than on land and colours looking all drab and dull (as water absorbs light). Even choosing the lens to use can be tricky as there is no one-lens-fits-all choice for taking photos underwater, according to Dive Photo Guide.

Candid Shots

Candid shots are similar to actions shots, although with the former, there is this certain human element that you want to capture. This is why they are one of the more difficult shots to master. Professional photographers, in particular, need to be adroit in taking candid shots, especially during weddings and the subsequent reception as this type of image adds a touch of fun to every wedding album.

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Low-light Shots

Taking photos in poorly lit conditions is no easy pickings, especially for beginners. Sure, one can simply use the camera’s flash, or even set up a light system, but what if those options are not available? Besides, using the camera’s flash can be quite tricky, as you will likely not get the results you want. To take great photos in low-light situations, CNET recommend learning how exposure works, and by extension, the ins and outs of shutter speed and aperture settings.