For the past few years I’ve helped hundreds of people to get a great professional portrait for their social media profiles, websites and business cards. Below are some examples of the most recent business portraits taken this year:

business portrait white backgroundbusiness portrait with backlight business portrait casual look business portrait dark background business portrait energetic  business portrait grey background business portrait lady in white  business portrait lady in blue



Most people I’ve worked with have told me that they were dreading the idea of being in front of the camera! Hearing things like “I hate being photographed”…” I don’t photograph well”, “I’ve never had a good photograph of myself” – is ever so common!

It’s no wonder that most people don’t really think about getting a portrait session booked, let alone paying for it! Luckily, all my clients tell me that they actually enjoyed the experience of being a model! Here is one of the recent testimonials on Linkedin:

Linkedin testimonial example (1 of 1)

To give more people a chance to experience the magic of professional photography, I started running Business Portrait Studio Days on selected Mondays throughout the year. It gives people an opportunity to have a shorter session at a fraction of the normal price.

Here are the dates for the remaining Mondays of 2015:

  • May 11th 2015
  • June 1st 2015
  • July 6th 2015
  • September 14th 2015
  • October 5th 2015

Look forward to getting more and more people to love the way they look on photographs! I’ll write about what to expect at the Studio Day in my next post.