On Friday the 14th of August I was back at the Yates Bar in Reading to capture another exiting night organised by Jennifer’s – Salsa Bachata Social Club. This one was carnival themed and was second to none!

It was an incredible night full of colour, glitter and an outstanding performance by Mary-Grace Anderson. Pictures speak for themselves, here is a small selection of the images from that night.

Yates Salsa Bachata-3580 Yates Salsa Bachata-3629 Yates Salsa Bachata-3650 Yates Salsa Bachata-3652 Yates Salsa Bachata-3704 Yates Salsa Bachata-3928 Yates Salsa Bachata-3933 Yates Salsa Bachata-3936Yates Salsa Bachata-3906 Yates Salsa Bachata-3785