1.    Look the part – look smart – take it seriously and get ready for it. Nice clothes, men should have a shave, ladies have make-up freshly applied, with thicker foundation than usual – make an effort to look your best.
2.    Your expression matters – your smile should be genuine – work on it, take as many shots as necessary to get a nice expression that reflects the real you
3.    Choose neutral backgrounds – ensure that nothing in the image distracts from you (plain walls, or solid green background if taken outside)
4.    Use natural light – if you are taking a photograph yourself, look for a natural light source. Flash is very unflattering, and will make your face look flat and skin look horrible.
For best results use a large window or if outside stand under a tree or under a roof – to avoid shadows under the eyes
5.    Your pose can make a big difference – position yourself at a slight angle, best of the person taking the photo is above you – get rids of the double chin and makes eyes look bigger.