This morning was simply wonderful – walking around beautiful woods full of bluebells and taking photographs of a lovely family with two gorgeous young children.

Nice change from shooting in the studio, and even the weather have decided to cooperate. The forecast was rain all day, yet we had the most perfect weather for the 2 hours that we needed, and as soon as I drove off, the rain drops started falling on the windscreen of my car.

Here are a few images from this morning.

bluebells by ABL Photography-boy in red

Bluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography- girl in red-8473bluebells by ABL Photography-family

Bluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography- girl in red-8204Bluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography- boy with a blubellBluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography- family funBluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography- girl in red on a treeBluebell photo-shoot by ABL Photography-brother and sister

Bluebells photo-shoots are available for the next 2 weeks, do get in touch if you’d like to book one – tel: 07793937192 or e-mail