You might be wondering what happens in a typical family photo-shoot? Well, I would actually respond that there is no such thing as a “typical” shoot. Each portrait session is rather unique & is tailored to the family that I am working with.  I always ask my clients what is it that matters to them, and how do they want to tell their story. I encourage them to bring things that reflect their hobbies and interests and dress in the way that would reflect who they are.

DSC_4260Let’s take an actual example of a family that I photographed recently. It’s a lovely family with 3 beautiful girls ages 11, 8 and 7. They never had a studio portrait taken before, and they wanted to get some shots of the girls and the whole family together, simply to capture this moment in time. The girls all play hockey, so they brought their colourful hockey clubs to the shoot.








At the beginning of the session we took individual portrait of each of the girls, as well as all of them together.

DSC_4083DSC_4392beautiful 8 year old girlDSC_4146





Girls also enjoy dancing and singing, so we did a little “pretend you are performing on stage” role play, which resulted in some fun and lively images.








We have done some posed and less posed portraits of the family, focusing on the great loving relationship that they all share, and at the very end I took so “star” shaped photographsFamily portrait from above:DSC_4236Asya the photographer in actionDSC_4420






The whole session lasted about 1,5 hours, and I have to say, we could have carried on. The energy was amazing, girls were buzzing with ideas, and it was great fun from the beginning till the very end. I always aim at creating a great variety of images by “playing” with lighting, poses, colourful backgrounds and props. This time we ended up with over 200 fantastic images which tell the story about the girls and the family.

Here is the link to the slideshow from the session: Family Photography Slideshow.

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