We live in the digital age and majority of people nowadays need to have some sort of on-line presence. Be it own brand website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Yahoo or anything else, we all need to have a good head shot.

I have been helping many people to get professional head shots done over the past year. Here are some examples of how professional images helped my clients to achieve their goals.

RichardRichard needed a new headshot for his website. His previous photograph was rather dated and did not project the right image. He  wanted to appear friendly and approachable, and this is exactly what we have done.



Sofie was publishing a book, called “Digital Leadership: How Creativity in Business Can Propel Your Brand and Boost Your Results”. She needed to have a professional photograph for her book cover. Here is the image that was chosen by her publisher. Here is the link to Sofie’s book on Amazon:


Karen needed a new head shot for her Social media and for her website. We have experimented with different lights and colours and created an image that is unique to her. Green background really makes her stand out, and it’s in line with the colours of her brand, representing development and growth.Here is the link to her website: Little Acorn Marketing.


Lucina is a beautiful young singer. She needed some images for her personal branding, as well as images for her musical videos. She is now using professional images on her website and on her Facebook page.out her website here.  Lucina’s facebook page.

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