For many years since I started photographing children I have mainly been doing what’s called “high key” type of photography. Clean white background, bright colours,  lots of actions and happy smiles. I was very proud of being able to get genuine smiles even from the most reserved children. Capturing joy and happiness was by far my main priority. All parents love seeing there kids happy, right?

high key child portrait - ABL Photography

So what’s changed? Why would I want to do things differently now?

Please don’t get me wrong, I still love my happy kids with bright coloured clothes… at the same time I’ve fallen in love with the more traditional style of photography (what’s also known as “low key” photography)… What I love the most about it, is that it allows all the details of the face show very clearly. It’s simply timeless….You can look at that photograph and compare it with the old photograph of a child’s grandparent – see how similar the features of the faces are.

The feel of the image is completely different and allows to capture other sides of the child’s personality. Nobody is always just happy… all children have their moods… and it’s just as important for the parents to remember those other expressions.

Traditional portriat-ABL Photography

It’s a lot more creative and I take more time in post-processing for these type of portraits, making them look more like paintings.

High key or low key - ABL Photography

I feel that “traditional” portrait can be just that little bit more captivating and interesting….

This type of photography is not really suitable for younger children who can’t sit still and follow instructions.  I would suggest an option to have a traditional portrait taken for children over 5 years old (though there will always be exceptions).

For 3 or more children it’s also better to go high key, so I’ll still be doing plenty of fun shots on the white backgrounds.

High key or low key, it’s up to your personal preference. The main thing is to get great photographs of our children, to leave the legacy… Their grand-kids will love it!

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