Many of my female clients either use very little make-up in day-to-day life or hardly use it at all. When they book their portrait session and I always suggest an option to have professional make-up done. Many ladies decide not to do it, so they either do make-up themselves or just have nothing at all. In their opinion it can’t really make that much of a difference. And that’s what I used to think too, but definitely not anymore!

We’ve done a little experiment with the make-up artist  Jo Haley from Your Image and Beauty. She came over to my studio one morning and applied make-up to only one half of her face… and we took this photograph:

Make-up example half-half-1

Comments are not really necessary as you can see the difference for yourself. To illustrate the point in a more convincing way, let’s zoom into the eyes and examine the difference.

Make-up example half-half-2

Do you see how the eye with the make-up on opens up and becomes so “alive”, while the other on is kind of lost?

Time and time again I see how make-up transforms my clients and makes their eyes sparkle and beauty shine. All the ladies who had their make-up done professionally prior to their photo sessions absolutely loved the way they felt and most importantly the way the looked on photographs!

Please don’t underestimate the power of good make-up. To look your best on photographs, it’s absolutely essential!

And watch the space, make-up for men is coming soon too!