Those who know me well enough would say that I mainly photograph people…And it’s absolutely true! I love portraits, I never get enough of that type of photography.. but occasionally I take a side step and photograph other things. Both as commissions and for pleasure. I enjoy new experiences and luckily there are plenty of opportunities in my life to see and do something different.

That’s why on Wednesday I was in the beautiful house of Jen Roach from Fearless in the Kitchen.

Back in October last year I did a fermenting course with Jen, which was absolutely fantastic. I learned how to make sauerkraut, and it’s now an irreplaceable part of my diet every single day. This is what my own personal creation looked like, and it was absolutely delicious too.

I love food and I really enjoy cooking for myself and for my family and friends… yet, I tend to stick to the same proven recipes, so I was very excited to see what goes on in Jen’s kitchen. Jen was holding a Healthy Main Meals training course, so my task was to capture what happens, as well as to pick up some ideas and inspiration. It was great fun, and I think the pictures will talk louder than words. Needless to say that the best part of the day was tasting all the beautiful dishes made on the day.

Anyone interested in learning about cooking, Jen runs a variety of courses – she is a truly amazing lady, passionate and knowledgeable – just the perfect person to learn from!