A newborn or young baby changes so fast. It’s a precious and fleeting time… despite the sleeplessness and endless nappies!
Treasure the best moments with a baby photo session. I’ll capture your baby’s personality and show the love and tenderness between baby and parents. I’m patient, calm and very good at helping everyone relax and smile, including the very youngest subjects.


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I have always hated having my photograph taken and have always struggled to find suitable images for my website and various social media profiles. Asya immediately made me feel at ease and I was completely relaxed for the duration of the session. The results speak for themeslves – thank you Asya, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Ann Warne

12 Jul 2015, Small Business Web Design & Supporting Services

Asya made having my picture taken for my LinkedIn profile not only painless but even enjoyable, which is amazing as I hate having my picture taken. I knew I needed a professional picture for my LinkedIn profile as this is the first impression people get of me and my business and I am so pleased with the images Asya has done for me. So if you want a great profile picture I would definitely recommend using Asya.

Penny Campbell

01 Jul 2015, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Thank you for our wonderful photos. Asya was fantastic with Alex even though my little man was tired and had not had a long nap before we got there. She was very good at getting him to smile even when he was grumpy and we had a really fun day. Definitely would recommend her service.

Lina Bee

26 July 2016