Sofie - with her book

Sofie Sandell with her Digital Leadership book and her recent painting

Today I had a photo shoot with Sofie Sandell – an inspirational author and a well known international speaker. We have done a shoot with her about  2 years ago and she’s used my photograph on her Digital Leadership book cover… When she contacted me to arrange another shoot, I was very excited! And of course I wanted to get an even better portrait of Sofie this time round.

Sofie is a beautiful lady, with perfect features and stunning blue eyes.. However when a camera is pointed at her, she instantly puts on this expression:

Sofie - mask smile expression

Sofie with the mask smile


It’s sort of a smile… though not a real smile… she looks “all right”, but that absolutely does not reflect how beautiful Sofie really is. She has done exact same thing during the first shoot, so most of the images had this very same expression on them. I have observed that lots of my adult clients do that… It’s like a “safe expression”, a bit like a mask that you put on when you are outside of your comfort zone. I am guilty of doing that too by the way!

So when Sofie started putting on her mask, I had to do something about it! I told her to just stop for a minute, take a a deep breath, relax her face and stop smiling for a moment… then we just chatted… she was sharing her exiting future projects with me, and slowly but surely the “mask” started to come off…We got a nice variety of expressions along the way!

She would still automatically put the mask back from time to time, but I would not let her keep it on. We’ve done some movement shots, played with different lighting and angles…. and the more she relaxed, the more her real personality was shining through!

Here are some of my favourite portraits of her from today’s session…

Sofie Sandell Sofie Sandell

This is how I see her: calm, wise, intelligent, spiritual, confident, gorgeous lady! So glad I managed to take her mask off and reveal the real Sofie Sandel!

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