This week I am back at the lovely Little Acorns Pre-school to photograph around 70-80 beautiful little people.  My mobile studio is set-up on the covered wooden decking of the building, so I practically spend all day on the fresh air interacting with many different personalities, playing with and entertaining my young models.

pop-up studio in Little Acorns pre-school

I love working with children, and Little Acorns pre-school is certainly a very special place for me. This is where I have done my very first school shoot nearly 7 years ago, with very little photography experience and not much confidence in myself. Yet, the wonderful manager of the pre-school Rachel Blackwell has given me a chance and believed that I can don it. Now, quite a few years down the line I am back with a lot more experience and still the same passion for creating images that will capture each and every child at their best.