I can’t believe we are already nearly half through January 2015… Where has the time gone?

At the end of each year I always like looking back and reflecting on everything that happened in that year. 2014 has been incredibly busy for me! If a year ago someone had told me all the things that would have been doing, I probably would not have believed it.

While keeping family portrait photography as my core business, I have widely expended into corporate photography, taking head shots of business people both in my studio and at events. I have been very involved in the life of our local community, so my images have appeared in nearly every issue of the RG10 magazine.

I have met so many inspirational people through networking, refitted my studio with new background system, learned lots of new skills and I’ve even started this blog in 2014!

Below is the link to my “Best of 2014 family photography” slideshow, featuring my portfolio of the kids and family portraiture in 2014.