handsome 10 year old boy

my son on Mother’s day

It’s wonderful to see how many people are celebrating mother’s day all over the UK.

I have to admit, if I it was not for my son, I probably would have never become a professional photographer. When he was little and I was working in a full time job, I felt like the little time with him was so prescious…It felt like moments were slipping away, and there was no way to capture them.

Back then I struggled to get a good photograph of him, so that led me to booking my very first photography course.

The rest is history…. 8 years later I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of great photographs of my son every year.

I would like to thank my son not only for giving me the greatest joy in the world, but also for helping me to discover my true passion.

I am a very happy and proud mum on this Mother’s day!