album and photo-book design example

I am extremely excited to offer photo book and photo album design services to all my clients this year. You can turn your photos into high quality hard cover books that will most certainly live longer than us, and will be treasured by your children and grandchildren.

It’s been a very strange time. I personally find it difficult not to be allowed to do any photography work… Sometimes I even feel a bit sad. After trying various things to cheer myself up,  I found that the best way to feel good is to look at photographs of past travels, times with my family and friends… Like a well tested medication it has proved to work every time!

Create a Personalised Photo Book

The biggest benefit of the long and slow months of the lock-down was the opportunity to create some photo-albums for myself. Usually I am so busy editing photographs for my clients or creating photo-products for them, I never have the time to do anything with my own photos…In the last few months together with my sister Tanya who lives in Moscow we designed some beautiful photos-books. One of them was dedicated to my family and our last two visits to Russia. It made me re-live those moments of joy and happiness that we shared together. I dedicated the second album to my friends and happy times that we shared together, having dinner and dance parties.

Tanya has been designing photo-books for many years. She now has her own retouching and design business in Russia.  Tanya has taught me how to do use a brilliant on-line album designer. My books are ready and I simply can’t wait to have them in my hands… And I am planning to design a few more of them in the coming months! The design process is so exciting and makes me very happy.

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