In the recent years I have worked with a few local pre-schools and nurseries, taking photographs of the lovely young children there. This blog post if for the parents who might have some questions about the way pre-school/nursery photography works.

1) How does pre-school/nursery photography work?

On the designated day, I’ll set-up my mobile studio and take a variety of photographs of every child who is attending that session.

DSC_8870DSC_8873Then I will prepare a proof card for each child with the best 4 images from his/her session displayed on the proof card, and up to 10 imaged available to be viewed on line.

2) Do I need to book?

There is no need to book anything. If your child is attending on the day, she/he will automatically take part.

3) What type of photographs will you be taking?

All photographs are taken against plain white white background. My style is very relaxed, natural and fun. I have a range of toys and “tools” to get the children engaged with some games and activities, so I get to capture very natural expressions and genuine smiles.

3) What shall my child wear?

Keeping your child’s outfit simple allows for the focus to stay on the face and not draw the eye to patterns and colours in fabrics. It’s best to wear something free of logos, pictures and writing. If possible, avoid stripes and bold patterns.
Colour makes photographs alive and vibrant. Primary colours like red, blue and green work particularly well, but most other colours (like pink, yellow, purple, brown etc., work very well too). Plain colourful T-shirts and tops work very well. Cute dresses for girls are great too.

4) Can my child have his/her favourite toy in the photo?

Yes, absolutely!

5) Can sibling(s) be photographed together?

If you have siblings in the same pre-school/nursery, they will automatically be photographed together. If you have another child (children) who is/are attending other schools, you are very welcome to bring them during the allocated slots in the afternoon.

6) How do I order the photographs?

Within two weeks of the shoot you’ll receive a proof card with a code to access your photos on line. All you need to do is log-in using your code and place your order.

Once the photographs are ready, you’ll collect them from pre-school/nursery.

7) What if I do not wish to order anything?

There is absolutely no obligation to order, you only need to place an order if you’d like to have the photographs.

8) Can I get any additional copies after the deadline?

Yes, you can! The photographs are available on line for 11 months after the shoot.

9) What if I want to order another size not available on the proof card?

I am always happy to accommodate parent’s requests, so please get in touch with me directly and I’ll quote you for anything that it’s not included in the standard products.

10) What if I have some other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phoning 07793937192 ,  e-mailing or through my website: ABLPhotography Website