Recently I have been photographing quite a few dogs, and it’s been brilliant fun! Now that the word about my pet-friendly studio is spreading,  I seem to get more and more bookings with dogs. I thought it’s time to write a few tips on what clothes works best for this type of portraits.

Regardless of the colour of your pet, it’s best always for all family members to wear something of just one plain colour. PLEASE avoid stripes, patterns and anything that will make photographs look busy. Subtle patterns could be okay, just choose something that will allow the focus to be on the beautiful connection between you and your pet, rather than your clothes.


Unless your pet is white, wearing white is always a very good choice. If your pet is black or dark brown, holding him/her against white clothes will give the best results. I love white!

pets portrait

If your pet is white, guess what? you need to wear something darker than the colour of your pet. Most colours should work, you can be creative here, bearing in mind that I will be using a darker background when necessary.