Asya Barskaya-Lebed

A passion for portrait photography

My passion for photography is born from my love of life and the many wonderful people and places I’ve encountered over the years. I have always loved capturing them and their stories on camera, creating souvenirs and memories that truly reflect the experience and bring joy whenever they’re viewed.

Born and educated in Russia, I went abroad to study at the age of 20. I lived and worked in China, Russia and France, until finding my home in the friendly English village of Twyford in 2003. All these years I’ve shared my stories with friends and family members around the world through photographs, and I simply can’t remember myself without a camera.

Everyone can relax in my photo studio

My focus has always been on creating truly special and unique experiences for my clients – everything I do is about making my subjects feel good, then reliving those positive feelings through the photographs again and again.

My deepest belief is that everyone is beautiful and everyone can enjoy the magic of photography. I shoot things the way I see them, and since I see beauty around me, my photographs simply reflect it. My clients tell me that I make them feel very comfortable and relaxed, which helps me bring out their true character and personality. That applies to everything from a business portrait to a lively family shot.

From families to toddlers to teens to professionals

I specialise in family photos and feel I have a particular empathy with children. Young children don’t worry about the way they look, they just want to have a good time, and that’s perfect for me. My sessions are full of laughter and being silly, to bring out that real smile! With a teenage son of my own, I know how to adapt my approach to work for kids of all ages, so everyone can relax into the session.

I equally enjoy working with adults, 99% of whom tell me that they hate being photographed. It’s an incredible feeling seeing them at the end of a session telling me that they really enjoyed it, and then watching their astonished faced when they realise how beautiful they can look.

Who am I when not with the camera?
As well as being mum to my talented, funny and individual teenager, I’m an aunt to three gorgeous kids who live in Moscow, a sociable and loyal friend, adventurous traveler, and a passionate Salsa and Bachata dancer – check out my gallery to see photos of my club’s events!

Asya combines technical skills with the ability to make you feel totally at ease during a portrait session. As a keen photographer myself, I picked up some useful tips from her and am delighted with the results.

Stewart Stone

29 Aug 2016

Asya – I am so delighted with my portrait photos! I have had so many wonderful comments since I changed my FB profile picture!! I will be recommending you!! x

Carol Keller

18 Nov 2016

Asya has been beautifully capturing my children on camera for the past 7 years. Patient, talented and very creative. I highly recommend ABL Photography. Thank you Asya!

Lucy Mills

1 Dec 2014