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This privacy policy explains how the data you input to this site will be held, what it will be used for and the data protection policy of the ABL Photography website. If you have any requests concerning personal information please contact us via our contact page.
ABL Photography is committed to protecting your personal information and will keep the information you entrust safely and securely.
We collect personal information from you through e-mail and phone communication as well registration and Model Release forms. We process personal information collected via the ABL Photography website in order to:

  • Provide you with information about out products and services
  • Conduct specific marketing campaigns
  • Assist us in meeting customer expectations in evolving new products

We sometimes employ 3rd party companies to perform functions such as sending e-mails and writing newsletters. We will ensure that these companies only use such information under our direction to perform these functions, and that they have adequate procedures in place to deal with your data securely.   You are able to opt out of this by contacting us using the Contact Form or by unsubscribing from any communication received from us.

If we transfer your data to these companies we will ensure that they process your data in accordance with this privacy policy.

At any time you are able to request copies of the data we hold on you at any time (Subject Access Request) at the charge of a £10 fee.   A SAR request can be made in writing using the Contact Form, after which we will contact you for proof of ID and payment of the SAR fee.

If a SAR is requested we will respond immediately acknowledging receipt of the request and provide you the information within 40 calendar days.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time, Should ABL Photography website privacy policy change the latest changes will be found here on this website.