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ABL Photography is One of the Top 3 Photographers in Reading

I have just received very exciting news that ABL Photography has been selected as one of the Top 3 Photographers in Reading by Three Best Rated® (U.K). Three Best Rated® (U.K) was created in 2014 with a goal to find the top 3 local tradesmen such as professionals, restaurants, health care providers, etc., in key …

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October 2020 – Siblings Portraits By the River

Siblings portraits are so important – all parents love seeing photographs of their children together, and the more children you have, the more challenging it is to get a good portrait of all of them together. This October I was very fortunate to be able to go to Moscow to see my family. There was …

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Professional Photographer Visiting Family in Moscow

When I embarked on the journey to become a professional photographer back in 2007, I knew that even if I won’t any money from photography, at least I’ll be able to take good photographs of my family and friends. All my first steps were made by photographing my son, my sister and her daughter. My …

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Photo-sessions in the beautiful poppy fields

During the lock-down I’ve always been on a look-out for new photo-shoot locations and I’ve come across these beautiful poppy fields, which are pretty much a dream setting for photography. On Tuesday night we planned the shoot with my beautiful model Alexandria. Even though we checked the weather forecast several times, it was to our …

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Lock-down Photography in May 2020

As lock-down restrictions started easing-off, more and more people began to feel comfortable to arrange their social-distanced photo-sessions outdoors. We’ve been blessed with the fantastic weather and absolutely spoiled for the choice of locations. So I’ve had a busy month with my lovely new camera! I love doing photography outdoors and enjoyed every moment of …

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April 2020 – My Favourite Photograph of the Month

April has been a very strange month, as the UK was still in the lock-down and I only had one portrait photo-session. I will never forget that beautiful warm Thursday afternoon in the Ruscombe woods. It was so much joy to be able to work again! Of course we had to be very careful and …

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Do you think you are photogenic?

Do you think your are photogenic? Many people who come through the door of my studio strongly believe that they are not photogenic and cannot possibly look good on photographs. They are used to seeing some very unflattering images of themselves taken by mobile phones. Those photos are usually taken with rather poor lighting, often …

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