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Professional Photographer Visiting Family in Moscow

When I embarked on the journey to become a professional photographer back in 2007, I knew that even if I won’t any money from photography, at least I’ll be able to take good photographs of my family and friends. All my first steps were made by photographing my son, my sister and her daughter. My sister’s family has grown over the years, and she now has three beautiful children. While my son and I live in England, the rest of my family still lives in Moscow. We usually get to see each other every year, but this time it’s been a very long two year gap for our family reunion. Our gathering this year still seems like a bit of a miracle, as till last minute we did not know if we will be allowed to travel, and our flights to Moscow got cancelled twice.

Every time when our family gets together we take hundreds and hundreds of photographs, which we all love looking at while we are apart. This time was no exception! I brought my new camera and lenses and we had lots of fun doing the shoots (almost every day!). My sister is so proud to have a professional photographer in the family.

Another thing that we do as a family tradition is a family self-portrait. I set-up my camera on a tripod and we put it on a 10 second timer… It usually takes a few attempts to make sure everyone is looking the right way and smiling, but we always manage to get a good shot.

We look at these photos every day, they are our most treasured possession. Having a professional photographer to do your family portrait is definitely worth the effort!

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