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Do you think you are photogenic?

Do you think your are photogenic?

Many people who come through the door of my studio strongly believe that they are not photogenic and cannot possibly look good on photographs. They are used to seeing some very unflattering images of themselves taken by mobile phones. Those photos are usually taken with rather poor lighting, often at a wrong angle and too close to the subject, making faces look slightly distorted. No wonder so many people don’t like looking at them, and don’t have much desire to be photographed.

This lovely lady was no exception! The minute she came in, she was rather adamant that she won’t look good. To her great surprise she was rather impressed when she looked at the back of my camera after a few initial photos were taken.The soft gentle lighting in my studio and a flattering angle at which I captured her made a huge difference… As she was feeling more relaxed and confident that she can indeed look stunning on photographs, she was more and more enjoying posing and being in front of the camera. Here is a little collage of some of my favourite photographs from that shoot.

That’s what happens to all of my clients who were a bit apprehensive before their shoot. They arrive slightly nervous and unsure, but leave uplifted and confident, finally seeing their beauty shining through the photographs.

If you would like to experience the magic of professional photography, I’ll be delighted to help you. Whether the portrait is for personal¬† or business reasons, you’ll see how beautiful and photogenic you are!

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