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Asya's top 7 tips on photographing children on holidays

Are you planning to go away this summer, or are you just spending time with your children at home? whatever you do, summer holidays is the most perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful images of your children.

Here are some very simple non-technical tips on how to get some great photographs.

  1. be ready – have your phone or camera charged and ready at all times! when there is something exciting happening, make sure you can capture it!
  2. takes lots of snaps – it does not cost any extra, so why not take enough photographs to capture that perfect expression?
  3. capture candid moments – your children don’t have to look at the camera, often the most natural and fun expressions happen when they are not aware that they are being photographedChildren on holidays by ABL Photography.jpg
  4. avoid mid-day sun – unless you are in complete shade, it’s best to take photographs in the morning or much later in the evening, when the sun gets low. That will help you to stay away from the shadows under the eyes and will allow you to take advantage of the beautiful soft lightingholiday photos-0117
  5. choose neutral backgrounds – pay attention to what’s behind your children when you are taking photos. If there are people of objects behind them, wait until it clears, or move to another photos-0011
  6. Get lower – when photographing kids, amazing results can be achieved if you get down to their level.Children on holidays ABL Photography 2
  7. Stir the fun – you can help create those truly fun photographs by “creating” that fun moment. Make your kids jump up in the air, say silly things and laugh together, get kids to tickle each other… anything that works for you and gets kids excited is much better than saying “look at the camera and say cheese”

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