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Capturing first day at school – tips on making your photographs stand out

Whether you child is starting a new school this year, or going back to the same one, first day at school is always a very memorable occasion…Social media sites are full of photographs that proud parents share on the day school begins. I thought I’d share some tips on how to make your photographs a little bit different and extra special.

I used my son Yuri as a model for this blog post, as he will be starting his new school in September. Not only has he got a shiny new uniform, but he’ll now be traveling to school on a train, so all that is now captured on photographs!

1. Look for light

In any photograph, lighting is always key, so make sure your child/children are sufficiently lit and there is some light in the eyes. It could be by a large window, on the doorway or simply outside…It’s always a bit more interesting if there is some contrast on the face.

2. Pay attention to the background

Find a background that is not too bright or too busy, so the focus is on the subject and on the expression. Green hedges make brilliant backgrounds, so if you have one near your house, use it!


3. Tell your story through photographs

Capture whatever it is that is different/special that day, putting on new uniform, taking school bus, getting on a bike/scooter, friends who walk to school together, siblings getting ready – a great story makes an interesting image. If you have time, why not capture some details: the new school bag, the water bottle, that colourful lunch box – whatever it is – capture those memories!

4. Think out of the box

Try something a bit different, crouch down to take that photo, or perhaps take it from a window high above – capturing your child leaving the house, or perhaps try an action shot, to make it even more fun. You are likely to get much greater expressions if your children are doing something fun, rather than standing still to pose for the photo.

5. Take lots of photos

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get that one perfect photograph… don’t just take one or two, take a few more to create that perfect memory. If you don’t get it right on the actual first day of school, why not try it another day? Just take a bit of time to do it, and most importantly, have fun!!!

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