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Classical for Charity Piano Concert

On Saturday my 11 year-old son took part in a piano concert organised by his wonderful teacher Maija Tuomi-Nikula, who is very passionate not only about developing young talent, but also about teaching children how to use their talent to help those who are less fortunate. Maija organises a charity piano concert every year, and she selects a different charity each time, so all money from the ticket sale are used for a good cause.

Of course I volunteered to capture the event, with the view of raising even more money for charity by selling the photographs to the parents.

The concert was wonderful, all children did exceptionally well! And there was a surprise at the end – Maija has announced her engagement to John, and everyone in the room cheered and celebrated the happy news.

The photographs taken at the concert will be shared privately with all the parents.

Piano concert-1711
Yuri performing Fur Elise
Piano concert-1800
Maija with her husband to be…


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