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How To Convince Children To Pose For Photos


If you’ve been struggling to get that perfect family photo because your little ones simply refuse to sit still, now might be the time to consider talking to a family photographer in Reading or your local area so they can take the picture on your behalf.

But if you’re still keen to get that perfect snap yourself, here are a few top tips to help you work with uncooperative children. Good luck!


Don’t talk

If you want your little ones to look at the camera, the first piece of advice we have is to avoid talking to them – as this will make them look at you. Instead, have the person taking the photo talking and laughing to attract their attention.


Try tickling

If you’re after lots of natural smiles and aren’t worried about having a particularly posed shot, tickling your kids is a great way to get them to grin and laugh. Your pictures will seem a lot more natural as well.


Get in costume

There’s nothing quite like a bit of fancy dress to get your kids excited about having their picture taken. And they’re more likely to get into the photo shoot if you and your other half dress up as well. Come up with a theme for the family and have lots of fun putting your costumes together.


Take lots of shots

You’ll never get the perfect photograph on the first try so be prepared to take lots of photos and then go through them later to pick out your favourites.


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