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Henley Youth Festival – highlights

Over the past two week sI have been very busy photographing various events at the Henley Youth Festival. I love going to different places and discovering new things, especially when there is art, theater and music involved. This is an amazing event, run entirely by volunteers, and I felt very privileged to be part of it.

Here are the photos from some of the events that I’ve covered:

The Young Shakespeare Company in Nettlebed School

The Gig Night at Lovibonds Brewery.

The Junior Proms in Shiplake College.

The Senior Proms in the Kenton Theatre.

Squash at Badgmore Primary School

Young Dancer at the Kenton Theatre

Art Exhibition and Prize Giving at the River and Rowing Museum

On-line galleries for the evening and dance events are available for the parents, and details will be communicated to the parents by the event organizers.

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