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Holiday fun and photo opportunities

Over the Easter holidays my son Yuri and me went on holidays with our very dear friends to an amazing activity centre called Liddington PGL near Swindon. Four days were packed with activities like climbing walls, riding on giant swings and zip wires, building rafts, fencing, canoeing, cycling, playing games, sitting around the camp fire and many many more. It was great to be outdoors all day long and deal with various challenges. I’ve tried so many things for the very first time in my life and it was so much fun!

Whilst most of the time was taken by the activities, I did get a chance to enjoy some short breaks in my room… and guess what, the room has a bright blue wall and a reasonably large window! In fact this is what it looked like.

Liddington PGL room-8036

And of course I just could not resist, I had to use it as my temporary studio! And there were plenty of gorgeous children around, happy to be my models. So we had a couple of mini shoots. Here are some of the photographs taken there:

This just proves that any location with a plain background and enough light can serve as a temporary studio, anywhere in the world!


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