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Mother’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

This week I had a photo-shoot with my son, which was done at Tina Cleary’s lovely home studio. We had lots of fun doing lots of silly things and as result got a wonderful set of photographs that I will treasure forever. Here are a few of my favourites from that session.

We all know that being a parent is not always easy, there are new challenges all the time, and we are often caught up in day-to-day things and forget about the big picture…

When I look at photographs of my son and of us together, I feel such strong emotions and so much joy, nothing can compare to it. At the end of the day I have given life to this young man and photographs make me realise what an amazing achievement it is to raise a child, and how proud I am of him.

I can’t imagine a better present for Mother’s day than photographs, and there are so many ways to do! The fact is, mothers love photographs of their children , whether they are new born babies or fully grown adults.. and it’s even more precious to have photos together!

Here are some of the photography ideas for mother’s day:

I have also recently started offering composite images like the ones below. This could make a very special Mother’s day gift.

Gift vouchers for a mother’s day photo-shoot is a fantastic Mother’s day idea, and can be purchased for any amount starting from £25. Mother’s day special pricing is as follows:
£25 – 1 hour photo shoot only
£50 – 1 hour photo shoot and 1 high resolution digital image
£75 – 1 hour photo shoot, 1 framed 5×7 photo and 1 digital image

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