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My favourite photography tool

How can you measure the price of a smile that melts your heart?

People often ask me how do I get such genuine smiles and such happy faces on my photographs? I am going to tell you my most guarded secret about what has helped me over the years to let the laughter out and get the sparkles fly.

Let’s face it – doing photography professionally is expensive. I have invested thousands and thousands of pounds over the past 6 years. Cameras, lights, backdrops, props, software, you name it! Have to admit that I’ve bought many things that were rather expensive, but not really that useful. However, there was one very fortunate investment that I’ve made (valued about £1.00), that has definitely had the most amazing return. Would you like to guess what it is?

Yes, you are right – it’s a duster! oh no, please don’t think that I am doing any dusting with it.   It does an amazing job as a tickling feather. Well, all those great smiles and cheeky expressions – so many of them happened thanks to this magical invention, my favourite photography tool, and best investment ever.

4 thoughts on “My favourite photography tool”

  1. This made me chuckle, even though nowhere near your tickling feather! Having fun imagining the scene at one of your family shoots…


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