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My November Escape in Dominican Republic

It’s been such a busy year with so much going on, so I’ve decided to “recharge my batteries” and escape to a bit of winter sun this November. So my friend Katia and I took off for an adventure in the Dominican Republic – the motherland of Bachata, our favourite dance and music.

We stayed in the lovely Hotel Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa in Samana town. The hotel was very comfortable with the most stunning views and very welcoming and helpful staff.

There was plenty to do in the hotel, and we could have easily just stayed there all week, but we could not resist the desire to explore the country. We had a very memorable visit to the Haitises National Park and we were even brave enough to ride horses on the slope down to the Lemon waterfall! First time for both of us – I screamed my head off, but did not get off the horse!

Here are some snaps taken from the bus window – it’s a very different world. Laundry was out drying everywhere, as it rained heavily the day before…

And of course, the sea was lovely and warm and we’ve taken lots of great “postcard perfect” photographs on the beach.

Last, but not least, there was Bachata music absolutely everywhere! We danced every day and sometimes in the most unexpected places – like on the boat going to the National Park and in the hotel lobby.

It was fun every single moment! Even when we were leaving, the band at the airport made our last moments in Dominican Republic simply unforgettable.




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