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My Top Five Favourite Portrait Photography Locations Around Twyford

Here is the list of my top 5 favourite portrait locations around Twyford.

1) Loddon Nature Reserve

This hidden gem has absolutely everything for a perfect family portrait. There is plenty of space and plenty of shade, and many different photo-opportunities!

2. Stanlake Meadow

I love it because it’s literally behind my house and it has some nice backdrops and a perfect solid shade under a big tree pretty much at any point of the day.

3) Millenium Gardens

It’s another hidden gem in Twyford, just behind St.Mary’s Church and it has some beautiful flowers and plants that make photographs look extra special.

4. Ruscombe Woods

I fell in love with Ruscome Woods during the bluebells season this year. This forest is simply magical and I am already looking forward to next year for more bluebells photo-shoots!

5. King George’s Field

Here we have plenty of space and a lovely tree that can be used as a posing prop.

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