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Personal Branding Photo-Shoot with Carol

Yesterday we had an amazing afternoon in Maidenhead with Carol L., who is a Business coach and Mentor, helping entrepreneurs identify their goals and move their businesses forward.

We all know that these days “people buy people” and our choices often depend on whether or not we can connect with a particular person. This is even more so in the profession of coaching. Good photographs help potential clients to get to you know better and to get a feel for the kind of person you are. Carol needed some images for her new website and she wanted these photographs to tell her story.

So here is a peek into Carol’s life. Her work as a coach:

Her hobbies include cycling and rowing…

We also took some traditional corporate headshots in Carol’s living room, as sometimes these images are needed when she needs to approach corporate clients.

Here is a quick selection of my favourite images from our session:




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