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The one step from hatred to love

So on Monday I had my first Business Portrait Studio Day for this year. Very busy day with back-to-back bookings all day.

Very different people, all very interesting and inspiring, yet they all had one thing in common…. in fact pretty much 99 percent of adults that come to my studio have the same thing in common too.

The very fist thing that I normally hear  is ” I hate being photographed!”…”I never look good on photographs.”

Someone has compared similar uneasy feeling about being in front of the camera as going to the dentist!!!! They think of it as a very painful and scary experience!

So my challenge is simple…. how after 30 minutes in the studio have the very same people say : “Thank you, I really enjoyed it! And I love the way I look on your photographs”….

Yes, 30 minutes for my clients to take that all important step from hating the idea of being photographed to actuality loving it!

In my next blog post I’ll share the secret on how I do it!





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