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What a difference can new Facebook profile photograph make?

Facebook has changed the way people communicate, and has without a doubt made a huge difference in my life, on both personal level and for my business.

Couple of months ago I had a professional photoshoot with Tina Clearly and updated my Facebook profile photograph with one of the images that I really liked from that session. I was overwhelmed by the reaction that followed – unprecedented number of likes, comments and most unexpectedly I re-connected with some friends from my childhood in Russia, and there was lots of fun exchanges and conversations that followed. I was not deliberately seeking attention, but have to admit that it was simply wonderful to receive so many compliments and comments.


I firmly believe that a great profile photograph reflects the way you wish to be perceived by other people and can make a wonderful positive impact on someone’s life!

I would love all my friends to experience the joy and excitement of sharing a really good picture of themselves.

Here are some stories from my friends and clients about their experience of having a new Facebook profile photo:

“When I changed my Facebook Profile photograph from an old amateur one to a professional one, I felt the difference right away. Every time when I log into Facebook and see my beautiful self, it feels good and it really helps my self esteem – and that makes me feel happy. I think to myself, “wow, is this really me?”, and then, “of course, it’s me”…And that’s how my Facebook friends see me too! Lots of my friends reacted and made really lovely comments, and it felt truly wonderful.”

“All my life I hated my pictures being taken. In the mirror I saw a beautiful girl, but photos often showed me just an awkward creature with a weird smile. Till I got in front of Asya’s camera. Nearly every picture she takes looks better than the reflection in the mirror. One of them has brought incredible experience into my life. I posted it as my profile picture on Facebook. It looked like a magazine cover. People talked about it a lot. One of the reactions came from a guy I had secretly fancied. He saw me once, showed me the photo he had saved from my account and said: ‘Pics like that will never let me settle’. A few weeks later we started dating. Though it didn’t last, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Asya says she hasn’t taken the best picture of me yet. So I am looking forward to her future work and new experiences in my life.”

“Doing a photo shoot with Asya was a wonderful experience. She is a professional in every meaning of the word; her passion and artistic eye, combined with her lovely personality bring out an instant supermodel of everyone who steps into her bright and spacious home studio. Once she had chosen the best photos from my photo shoot, I put them up in facebook, and since then I’ve had no end of likes and “wow!”s, especially on my profile picture. Asya has the skill of capturing the whole shining human personality in one photo, and that is the reason why everyone should explore her work.”

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