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Why Do I Recommend Professional Make-up for Business Portraits?

I have been taking lots of business portraits in the last two years. Many of my clients believe that professional make-up does not really make that much of a difference, and I used to think that too. But seeing the difference of the outcome with the professional make-up,  I now always suggest to my female clients to consider having a make-up artist to do it, and there are several reasons for it.

  1. Skills and experience.  Professionalism always wins against DIY. It takes skill to see the potential of every face and to understand how to enhance the natural beauty. Many ladies simply don’t know the ideal ways to bring out the color of our eyes, enhance their cheekbones or flatter their lip shape.
  2. Relaxation. Having your make-up done before the photo-session allows you to relax and let go of the anxiety of being in front of the camera. The ladies I work with have amazing people skills and they will make you feel at ease and you will have a lovely time chatting away and having a laugh.
  3. Understanding Studio Lighting. A pro make-up artist understands how many different factors can effect your look. Makeup for photography is entirely different from everyday makeup. The professional will know how to “correct” certain things to make you look your best. For example if the skin is uneven, or if there are some blemishes that need to be concealed, they would know how to take care of it.
  4.  Professional products. Professional makeup artists know what products to use, where to use them and in what intensity to ensure you look good face to face, as well as in your pictures.
  5. Pampering. Having your make-up applied sets the tone for the shoot as most women feel absolutely stunning when they have their makeup professionally done. At the end of the 30-45 minute make-up application you will look and feel amazing.  When my clients look good, they feel good. This leads to greater confidence while posing in front of the camera and to a very enjoyable experience in the studio.

Here is a snapshot of some business portraits taken in my studio, all these ladies had their make-up done by Penny Cambell.



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