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Winter photography challenges

During my few days in Moscow I have enjoyed photographing members of my family and friends, but I have to admit that taking photographs outdoors in the winter was not an easy venture. On Sunday the 4th of February Moscow has experienced the largest snowfall in the past 100 years.. we got outside, it looked so amazingly beautiful, but the snow was falling and falling and I was seriously concerned about my camera. I used an umbrella to protect it, but somehow snowflakes were arriving from every direction and it was nearly impossible to keep my camera dry… After a few minutes, I had to go back inside… Luckily my camera stayed intact and a few photos from that day will become wonderful memories for the rest of our lives.

The following day, the snow has stopped falling, but the temperature has dropped to minus fifteen and it was absolutely freezing. While the trees looked stunning and the lighting was perfect, this time my challenge was with my fingers getting totally numb from the cold and my glasses steaming up so much, so I could hardly see what I was doing… With these challenges I could not last very long, but still got a few shots that were totally worth it!

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